Free my Brain Migraine Support Group Coaching
Take advantage of the support and structure available to you through Free my Brain Migraine Support Group Coaching. Two group sessions per month, relaxation classes, and one to one work with Megan.   
BREESE Relaxation Recordings: (Breathe RElax Easy SmilE)
You can reduce Migraine Frequency and Severity 40 – 70% through regular Relaxation practice. Use our recordings to develop your Relaxation Response. 
Migraine Management Coaching with Coach Megan Oltman
One to one work and support with an experienced professional coach to create a plan to manage your Migraines and help you lead a healthier life.
Migraineurs Marketplace
From Books to Pillows, From Nutrition to Ice Packs, stuff for Migraineurs, to make our lives healthier and easier.