How do you manage your life with Migraine disease?

While there is no cure for Migraine disease, there are proven strategies and treatments that can reduce your Migraines and enable you to take back your life. My goal is to help you free your brain from the domination of Migraine pain, to help you live the fullest life you can, and even have some fun along the way!

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resources page provides a wealth of links to resources for Migraine and chronic illness information, recommended headache practices, research, advocacy and support. Products available include recommended books, relaxation teleclasses, and Migraine Management Coaching with Megan Oltman. The Free my Brain blog is updated regularly with articles, news, and journal entries reflecting on living the Migraine life.

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Free my Brain hosts a series of free Sunday afternoon talks with Migraine advocates, doctors, experts, coaches, and therapists, on the many aspects of managing our lives with Migraine.

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