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What do you need to manage your life with Migraine disease?
Medical help, knowledge, support, tracking, relaxation, and then there are all the products that just make life easier. I’ve gathered some of those things here.

Migraineurs Bookshelf Essentials – Megan Recommends Books



Migraineurs Toolkit Essentials – Megan Recommends Drawer

Coming soon – products to have on hand to help when you have a Migraine, from ice-packs to pillows, from herbal eye-masks to sunshades.






Products for Healthy Living – Megan Recommends
Like Canaries in a Coal Mine – we Migraineurs are sensitive to our environment and are often triggered by chemical smells and fumes. Research shows that all of us (Migraineurs or not) absorb toxic chemicals from our personal care products.

I recommend MiEssence certified Organic personal care products and cosmetics.

A Healthy Gut is Important to Overall Health – Those of us with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), commonly co-morbid with Migraine, know the importance of having our gut working properly. Migraineurs sensitive systems also need protection from toxins and food sensitivities which may trigger us through the foods we eat. Pro-biotics aid our digestion, improve IBS and nausea, and strengthen our gut, so that fewer triggering substances can pass into our blood-streams.

I recommend MiEssence shelf stable pro-biotics to strengthen your gut and immune system.