this time it doesn’t even rhyme

August 30th, 2008

Who’s that trying to remove my brain?

Crack my skull and scoop it out like an egg?
Maybe they’re trying to get me to leave -
If they whack me on the temple a few more times
I might leave town, you never know.

Who’s that trying to remove my brain?
last week they tried grapefruit spoons -
serrated edges scraped my skull – is it sectioned inside like a fruit?

This week blunt instruments are in vogue
I wish they’d learn some anger management.

I wish they’d stop trying to remove my brain.
What did I ever do to them?
Maybe they don’t like silly poetry
Made up by a migraine-addled red-head.
They’re over-reacting, I swear.

There must be someone trying to remove my brain

I know they’re trying to remove my brain.
It hurts like they’re trying to remove my brain -
crack my skull with a nutcracker and pick out the meat
couldn’t just be my own neurons going nuts…
Could it?

- Megan

Coming to you from Migraine Central

Soft-boiled egg image courtesy of Sharon Mollerus; grapefruit image courtesy of x-eyedblonde; walnut image courtesy of Masayoshi Sekimura.

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  • deborah

    ugh, well said. I feel it. don’t do this: play music on your computer and watch the screen when your head hurts. not very smart. whoever created that program MUST have experienced aura. It makes me nauseous. my head is pounding

  • Megan Oltman

    You and me both. I am pretty sure I’ve been triggered by looking at those patterns.

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