BREESE Relaxation Teleclasses

You can calm your nervous system and reduce Migraine frequency and severity through regular relaxation practice.

Most Migraineurs can reduce their Migraine frequency by up to 50%through regular (at least 5 x per week) relaxation practice. Rather than leaving it up to us, in our busy lives, to manage to schedule in the 20 minutes per day needed, support groups provide an accountability structure to aid us in making sure we get the time in. The problem is that few people will actually take the time to travel to a support group. BREESE teleclasses can be your relaxation practice from home – from work – anywhere where you can sit quietly with the telephone for ½ an hour. Remember, BREESE stands for Breathe RElax Easy SmilE – a way to slow down, calm down, and relax, allowing our nervous systems to function at their best.

BREESE Teleclasses will run 35 – 40 minutes on a secure conference line. When you register you will receive conference line details and links to download audio recording following the tele-class.
Initial BREESE teleclasses will be:

BREESE Breathing – $8.95 each Mondays evenings 8:30 p.m. EST (5:30 p.m. PST)
Deep breathing & full-body relaxation. We will practice deep breathing techniques you can use to calm your whole system any time, and apply them to relax and reduce stress in the whole body.

BREESE Visualization – $8.95 each

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. EST (2:30 p.m. PST)
Guided visualization for body awareness and self-relaxation. We will use visualization to deepen our relaxation and increase our body awareness.

Register for all 4 classes for $27.95.

* After your payment has gone through, you will be taken to a thank you page where you will need to enter your name and e-mail address in order to receive the call details.

After the class you will receive an audio file of the class session to use for your relaxation practice. Most relaxation CDs and DVDs retail for $12 to $15; most yoga or relaxation in-person classes cost from $15 to $50 per class. We want to make this affordable so that you can come to these classes regularly. But you will be receiving more than just a recording, there is support availableworking on these techniques in a group of other Migraineurs.

Migraine Management Coaching with Megan Oltman

Work one to one with an experienced professional coach to manage the many aspects of your life, lifestyle, treatment and care which impact your Migraines and your quality of life. It takes time and persistence to make and maintain the lifestyle changes you may need to get better. I can help you create and implement the plans, systems and structures you need to have fewer Migraines and a healthier life.

We work to strengthen you in the areas of: knowledge, getting the medical and treatment support you need, healthy lifestyle changes, trigger awareness and avoidance, acceptance, self-care and comfort, building your support system, and building your relaxation response.

Coaching Options

1. Migraine Management Plan: Working with your doctor’s recommendation’s, we create a plan to manage your Migraines on an ongoing basis, helping you set up the structures and routines you need to get better. We meet by phone for 2 to 3 40 minute sessions, billed at $60 per session.

2. Telephone Coaching package:

$250 per one month period

3. Email Coaching Package: We can work on a Migraine Management Plan for you, answer your questions and do research, or provide coaching in a series of regular email exchanges if time zones or distance make telephone sessions difficult. $200 for a one month period, with a 3 times a month structured coaching exchange; other options are available for shorter term question and answer emails – prices vary based on the amount of email contact desired.

Contact Megan to arrange an initial coaching session.

Relaxation Recordings

BREESE Breathing One – $6.95
Deep breathing & full-body relaxation. MP3 file of deep breathing techniques you can use to calm your whole system any time, and apply them to relax and reduce stress in the whole body.

BREESE Breathing Two – $6.95
More breathing techniques to calm your whole system.

BREESE Breathing Three – $6.95
Even more breathing techniques to calm your whole system.

BREESE Visualization One – $6.95
Guided visualization for body awareness and self-relaxation. MP3 file of visualization techniques to deepen your relaxation, increase your body awareness, and reduce pain.

BREESE Visualization Two – $6.95
MP3 file of more guided visualization techniques you can use to deepen relaxation, increase tranquility, and create a peaceful place of retreat.

BREESE Visualization Three – $6.95
More guided visualization for body awareness and self-relaxation. MP3 file of visualization techniques for relaxation and reducing the experience of pain.

Learn to Manage your Life with Migraine:

The Six Keys to Manage Your Migraines and Take Back Your Life

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